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Updated: June 15, 2017 – Maybe the most recognized cartoon logo ever created, the Superman logo is an example of how a simple design can have such a huge impact. Even without the Superman character to go with it, millions of people worldwide could tell you who’s logo this is. It is also one of the most searched for pieces of logo clip art online.

The colors alone also identify this as the Superman design. Created as Superman’s symbol in the Action comic book series, the design is the letter S with red and blue on a yellow police badge symbol that represents a shield.

Funny Cartoon Guy
I’m your logo design dude!

Vertical Line


Comic book artist Joseph “Joe” Shuster with writer Jerry Siegel co-created the DC Comics character Superman, which was first published in Action Comics #1 (June 1938). Superman has gone from the old comic book days to TV shows, movies and mass merchandise. This is an example of how one great cartoon image can create an empire.

Hundreds of people a day search for nice clip art of the Superman logo. Below are some standard images of the design. The first is a very recognizable flat cartoon design and the second is a more shaded 3D version.

Superman Logo Clipart

Cartoon Superman Logo

Below are two different file formats of the Superman logo in a beveled style.


The Superman “S” logo – Copyright © 2004 – DC Comics.
This image is shown above for informational purposes only.
No commercial infringement is intended.

Here is a black and white Superman logo in GIF format.

Superman logo black & white

Superman was my favorite super hero when I was growing up in Enid, Oklahoma. I spent hours reading and staring at Action and Superman comic books. I think I became a cartoonist and a logo designer due to the amount of time I spent with all of my comic books. And I distinctly remember redrawing the Superman logo on pieces of notebook paper to see if I could replicate it without tracing.

This iconic design has been redrawn, reprinted and redesigned into many different versions over the years. I’ll post a few of the more famous and interesting versions as I find them.

This version is a fantastic pop art version of the logo. The comic book style of the design is perfect and makes a great Superman logo picture.

Superman Logo Pop Art

The Superman logo may also be one of the most used logo tattoo designs on the planet! The design below is a real tattoo that I artistically recreated as a watercolor logo.

Superman Logo Tattoo

More great Superman logo renditions to come!

Visit the Official DC Comic Superman Website


Terry McKelvey May 28, 2012 at 11:31 am

My friends are getting married and the rehearsal dinner is having a superman theme. I wanted to make each a cape to wear and I need the logo in digital form to transfer to the fabric. How do I get that? Terry

Curtoons May 28, 2012 at 1:46 pm

Hi Terry. Good question. The honest answer is that you would need to contact DC Comics or the owner of the Superman trademark and ask for the file from them. They would most likely turn you down without a licensing agreement. Most people are unaware that it is not legal to use trademarked images and logos for their personal use. I am most likely not even supposed to be posting the logo on my website but because I am a cartoon logo related website and this page is about the Superman logo I only display the images as samples in the article.

Curtoons does not have high resolution files of this logo and could not distribute them if we did. Legally, you should not be able to find a good quality digital file of the logo without contacting a company handling the licensing of the image. Illegally, there are files out there. You might try some fabric stores that sell licensed patches with the logo on them.

All the best.

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