Funny Gopher Prairie Dog Character

by Curtoons


Prairie Dog Gopher Sketch

Cartoon Prairie Dog Gopher Sketch

Ever wonder what a cool cartoon logo character looks like when it is born? Well, this sketch is how most of my cartoon characters begin. I sketch with a mechanical pencil on a piece of copy paper using a lap sized light table.

I normally start out light and do tons of erasing. Once I’m happy with an area I start to darken my lines and add a little shading and detail. I want to keep a clean looking sketch so there will be less clean up when I scan the image into Photoshop.

This design started out with a funny gopher but after thinking on it for a few days the client opted for a cute prairie dog. This is the drawing that will get everything going. I will sketch the cartoon animal most likely popping out of his hole. There will be a house in the background which I will draw separately in case it needs to be moved, changed or deleted. It is always advisable to draw all of the parts of a logo design separately because it gives you the freedom in Adobe Illustrator to move them around and try out different things.

Below is how the final version turned out. The client was very happy. Here’s their quote, “Love it, love it, love it! Great job!”

Funny Gopher Logo

Funny Cartoon Gopher Logo

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