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Curtoons Cartoon Services
The Curtoons Cartoon Company was built on providing high quality cartoon services for clients worldwide. I rely on creating fun, whimsical cartoon designs for my niche markets which are individuals and small mom and pop companies. I also create a large number of cartoon illustrations for internet ventures.

I am available as a freelance cartoonist for ad agencies, design houses, print shops, public relation firms, large corporations and busy professional cartoonists. If your work load is overwhelming or you need a cartoon that fits my style, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Funny Cartoon Guy
I’m your logo design dude!

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Cartoon Logos
Cartoon logos are my bread and butter and also my favorite cartoon discipline. I like the idea of creating a fun recognizable cartoon character as the spokesman for a company. Cartoon characters are some of the most widely known front men for businesses throughout the world. Just ask Mickey, Bugs, Snoopy or Charlie the Tuna. I also create fun bogus logos that can be printed on all sorts of merchandise.

Comic Illustration
I create cartoon illustrations for t-shirts, posters, magazine covers, mailers and many other advertising pieces. I have a variety of styles I can use for an illustration job. I turn all of my cartoon illustration designs into vector graphics which can be enlarged or reduced without compromising quality. Let me know what rights you would like to purchase for your illustration.

Funny Cartoons
Single panel gag cartoons are great for newsletters and magazines. Add a little humor to your next publication by hiring me to draw an original, funny cartoon. I can also create multi-panel comics and weekly cartoons.

I also have an ever growing collection of sketched gag cartoons on many different subjects, that are ready to use and allow you to save money over having a custom cartoon created.

Character Licensing
I have created a web site that offers cartoon characters for immediate licensing. If you do not have an idea for a character or mascot surf on over and check out the great selection of funny, outrageous animals and personalities on my site. If you are interested, the site is here.

Greeting Cards
Not only do I have my own line of funny cartoon greeting cards, but I create many custom greeting cards for all sorts of occasions. I’ve created cartoons for birthday cards, anniversary cards, birth announcements and other events. Let me create a wacky cartoon greeting card for your next special day. I’ve drawn funny characters, caricatures and the most popular, humorous animals.

Web Design
If you are needing a small, simple and professional looking web site, I can create one for you. I create my web sites using a combination of WordPress and Thesis. I tend to stay away from complicated bells and whistles that waste time loading and require plug-in downloads. My web sites are crisp, clean and very easy to navigate.

Web Site Hosting
Let me host your small to medium sized web site. I offer great prices, cheap web hosting, awesome service and many benefits. Each site I host gets their own email accounts with the option to use web mail. Each client also gets their own password protected control panel. These control panels contain all of the stats that you will need to keep track of your web traffic.

Graphic Design
Cartooning is only a part of the design work I create. If you need a traditional logo, brochure layout, newsletter design or billboard ad, I can help you create those also. Shaggy Duck Studios is a full service graphic design company tailored toward small to medium sized business.

Name Creation
Although I am not a full blown naming company I do create some very unique company and brand names. I can help suggest some very creative names, so give me a try. I will also check for primary trademark usage and see what domain names are available for you.

At this time I have the ability to create fast loading GIF animations for web sites.

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