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12 Cartoon Pictures Sure to Leave You Laughing

Cartoon pictures are our business! When it comes to a studio that creates laugh-out-loud cartoon pics we’ve got you covered. We draw funny images for logos, characters, clip art, greeting cards, t-shirts, websites and more. This page is a collection of the funniest 12 cartoon pics from our portfolio.

We carefully searched through our cartoon logos, funny drawings, gag cartoons, humorous illustrations and whimsical greeting cards to find our very best. We guarantee that at least more than one of these pictures will get you to giggle. We hope most of them get you to chuckle out loud. If you like the cartoons please share them with your friends by spreading the word. Thank you and enjoy the humor! Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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 1. Funny Old Fart Cartoon

Funny Old Fart Cartoon

Most likely the funniest cartoon I’ve created. This funny single panel health related cartoon has been used on websites, greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs and in magazines. Although I drew this one years ago it is still a favorite of everyone that visits my sites. See old fart cartoon stuff.

2. Pizza Delivery Rooms Gag

Funny Gag Cartoon

This single panel pregnancy cartoon was originally drawn as part of my magazine cartoon collection. The gag is one of my favorites for its play on words.  The additional greeting card punch line that went with the picture is, “Don’t you wish babies were more like pizzas?” (inside) “Delivered in 30 minutes or they’re free!”

3. Dare Deviled Eggs Cartoon

Cartoon Pic

Another silly illustration that was meant to be a part of my funny cartoon collection but ended up as one of my greeting card pictures. The gag to the cartoon is, “Dare Deviled Eggs.” I’ve used this gag and illustration for multiple projects over the years.

4. Lincoln Logs Cartoon Picture

Really Funny Cartoon

It was weeks before I could view this Lincoln Logs cartoon without laughing out loud. I’ve since seen it done in assorted versions online. I’m not sure who created it first but I had not seen it before I drew my version and that’s why I thought it was so funny. Beware of the Constipation Proclamation! LOL!

5. Funny Road Kill Cat Cartoon

Funny Road Kill Cartoon

This funny road kill cat cartoon was an illustration I created for a t-shirt line. After the design was rejected by the business I decided to use it on several different projects. It has been printed on t-shirts and published on greeting cards. This latest use is the first time I’ve used it as a funny gag cartoon.

6. Dinosaur Cartoon Picture

Funny Dinosaur Cartoon

One of my favorite play on words gags. This cartoon picture was drawn with my original collection of comics that I was mailing to national magazines in hopes of getting syndicated. I may update this one with funnier tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs.

7. Ductor Ah-Ha Cartoon Character

Doctor Duck Picture

This crazy cartoon picture was drawn for one of my first clients. The project description was to create a funny duck that was dressed as a doctor and was full of humor. The physician character was created to bring smiles to sick patience. One of my wackier cartoon character pics. If you gaze at the drawing long enough you’ll discover many minute details you may have missed initially.

8. Jungle Bum Logo Picture

Naked Bum Cartoon

The Jungle Bum Company logo has to be one of the funniest cartoon pictures I’ve created for a company design. Who knew you could create a funny cartoon using a bare bummed guy swinging from a vine?

9. 10. 11. and 12. on the way!


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Looking to Purchase a Cartoon Picture? has a wide selection of cartoon pictures and we are creating an easy way to display them for easy access and purchase. We are updating older gags and writing new humorous lines for the changing times. We’ll be cartooning about topics that include family, business, health and culture.

We also draw custom cartoon illustrations and gags for businesses. If you got a brilliant idea for a funny cartoon and simply need a cartoonist to draw it up, we’re for hire!

The cartoons will be priced based on first time rights, one time rights, exclusive rights and also market reach of the publication. If you’d like to publish any cartoon picture you’ve seen on this website please contact us with a brief description of the cartoon, its intended use and we’ll get back to you with an estimated licensing fee.

Please link back to this page if you’ve found any of our cartoons funny. As we sketch new pictures they’ll be inserting them into the mix. We hope to eventually have a cartoon library of over 1000 funny cartoon pictures. Stay tooned!

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Bruce McClintock July 23, 2011 at 5:13 pm

Hello Curtis: Sorry to hear about your website problems, like I said in my telephone message I lost all my favorites. Just woke up one day and all my favorites were gone. Took me about 2 months to get them back. Also e-mail me when you start putting up my cartoons on your website. I might have trouble finding them. Thanks Bruce p.s. Like I said, no cost to you, I just love to see my cartoons in print, and bringing a smile to someone.


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