Cartoon Frozen Treat Logo For Sale

by Curtoons

Big Chill Cartoon Logo – $450

From time to time we have cartoon characters and logos for sale. Some of these are pre-made designs that we create just for fun. They save you time because they are ready to go right off the shelf. Other times these are designs that were abandoned or did not work out right for a client.

These images have not been used by another company and we own the rights to the design.

Our latest offer is this fun character we call Big Chill. He’s somewhat of a Bigfoot looking guy floating on a tiny iceberg. We feel he would be perfect for a shaved ice business, a sno-cone shack, ice cream stand or even a tropical styled business. If frozen treats or fun food is your business this might be the cartoon logo for you!

This guy is available with two different hand designs and a version with your company name added. The cost to purchase Big Chill is $450 for all three poses, vector art files plus multiple other files and ownership of all rights. This is a one time offer to only one company. Once he is sold he is gone.

Please email me with your company name and information and we will send you a PayPal invoice for purchase. Once we receive payment we will release the files to you and mark Big Chill as SOLD!

Reserve Him Today!


Frozen Treat Cartoon Logo For Sale


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Mascot Designer January 9, 2013 at 12:23 pm

Hi Curtis,

I’m just wondering, not that I’m questioning what you charge here for the cartoon logo, but how do you justify a ready-made cartoon logo at $450.00.

I’m not saying it’s not worth it by any means, but as a mascot designer myself, I’m wondering why you charge what you charge. Is it based on what you have seen other charge? Or how much you value it through previous experience.. Or by how quickly they sell.

As I said, I’m not questioning it’s worth. Just wondering why? I’d love to hear back from you.



Curtoons January 9, 2013 at 1:01 pm

Great question Jamie, the answer on this is pretty simple. This was a design a client had requested. Going through the process I use to determine the cost of the custom design we agreed on the $450 price. I created the design but before I was paid the client backed out. Normally I require a 50% deposit and I’m at least covered on 50% of the design if the client backs out. I then sometimes will sell the character for the remaining 50% to recover my cost. Other times I add the character to my royalty free collection which I sell to multiple clients over and over again.

This design was for a client that I had created numerous designs for over the years and I didn’t think I would need a deposit. A bit of advice for everyone, I’m finding that my returning clients leave me hanging without paying me more often than my new clients. That is where the $450 came from. I’m actually about to pull the offer and add the images to my up and coming brand new website at

All the best!!

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