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Cartoon characters are very popular in today’s culture. Not only are they being seen by millions of kids daily but they are now part of our Pop Culture. With shows like the Simpson’s and movies like Lion King, characters have become even more popular.

With the value of funny characters on the rise it only seems fitting that a company or business would want to jump on the band wagon. Many top name cartoon pitchmen like Snoopy, Garfield, Superman and Mickey Mouse require top dollar just for licensing rights. That means for a very large portion of your budget you would get to use one of these spokesmen for your business or service but for only a limited number of uses and for a limited time.

Using a well known character can be beneficial and really help in drawing attention to your marketing. The problem is that once the licensing runs out you are left without a character. And that very famous cartoon pitchman will have moved on to a new company or product. This leaves you out in the cold with no identifiable company mascot.

Curtoons can take care of that problem for you! We can custom create a cartoon character that is centered around your product or service. You would own all rights to the character and could use it on multiple campaigns for an unlimited amount of time. And if you play your cards and marketing right you might even create your very own high profile character like Tony the Tiger, Chester Cheetah or Mr. Kool-Aid.

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Here’s is a guide to help you narrow your decision as to what type of character you want for your business. These are characters we’ve created for clients over the years.

6 Types of Cartoon Characters:

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1.) Cartoon Animal Characters

Animal characters are the most popular of all cartoon characters. Seeing an animal come to life fills us with adventure and wonderment. We can easily identify with different animals and cartoonists can really bring out an animals personality based on human traits. Popular animal characters include Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Tony the Tiger, Smokey Bear and others.

2.) Cartoon People Characters

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3.) Cartoon Kid Characters

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4.) Cartoon Objects

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5.) Cartoon Super Heros

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6.) Cartoon Caricatures

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