20 Funny Cartoon Animal Logos

by Curtoons


Looking for a great cartoon animal logo? Drawing funny animals is by far our favorite subject to draw and is also our most requested cartoon design theme. Dogs are the most requested cartoon animals we get but we’ve also had everything from an iguana, beaver, kangaroo, camel, zebra, giraffe, skunk, pelican, rat, chipmunk, polar bear, turtle and cat all the way to Big Foot.

Here is a quick collection of 20 cartoon animal designs to give you an idea of how our clients are using the designs we create. Some of these characters are part of the logo design while others are used as stand alone cartoon mascots. Take a look and let us know which crazy animal we can start sketching for you.

We’ve started out with two completely different dogs to show that there are dozens of ways to use animals in your marketing. One is a cute puppy dog used as a mascot while the other is a rugged cattle dog roasting coffee beans on an open fire. Capturing the personality of a real dog in a graphic is the secret to a great cartoon character. Just like real dogs you can give your characters quirky personalities or even give them human features.


Cute Cartoon Puppy LogoCute Cartoon Puppy
Used As A Logo Mascot
Cartoon Dog LogoCartoon Cattle Dog
Roasting Coffee Beans

Two really fun logos promoting a car wax and detailing company and a cool beaver grilling up a new BBQ product. Both designs use the characters within the logo and really help draw attention to the product.

Cartoon Gorilla LogoGrinning Gorilla Cartoon
for a Detailing Company
Cartoon Beaver LogoCartoon Beaver
BBQ Grilling Logo

If you haven’t noticed we love to create many of our logos within a circle type layout. Our customers like the ease of use with a round design. These types of logos fit well into most any space and are friendly to print. These are two wacky animals promoting food related businesses. The monkey is hocking pizza and beer while the zebra was used on a label to sell chili.

Cartoon Monkey LogoCartoon Monkey in a
Pizza Business Logo
Cartoon Zebra LogoCartoon Zebra for a
Chili Company Logo

When you’re in need of something unusual please let us know. Here we’ve drawn up a surfing cow and some really funny sweating chickens. One logo design was used online while the other was printed on the product label.

Cartoon Cow LogoSurfing Cow
Cartoon Logo
Chickens Cartoon Logo
Crazy Chickens
Cartoon Design

Here are a couple of country type cartoon animals. We’ve got your easy going turtle wearing his cowboy hat rocking in his chair while the funny hound dog has his wrench and is ready to go to work.

Cartoon Turtle LogoCountry Turtle
in Rocker Logo Design
Hound Dog Cartoon Logo
Funny Hound Dog for a
Garage Cartoon Logo

Two more circle logo designs. The cartoon squirrel was used on a poker chip as a promotion while the dog design was used to help advertise for a dog fundraiser. We’ve created logos that have been used or printed on just about anything you can imagine.

Cartoon Squirrel LogoBlind Squirrel Cartoon
for a Poker Chip
Happy Dog LogoAnimal Rescue
Cartoon Dog Logo

These are fairly simple designs but they help bring attention to the logo. A silly kangaroo is used to sell kids products while the duck is being used as the mascot for a plumbing business.

Cartoon Kangaroo LogoCute Kangaroo & Bear
Company Design
Plumbing Duck LogoPlumbing Duck
Logo Design

We seem to get a good quantity of cartoon logos for BBQ related companies. Here’s a hillbilly bear design for a business in Texas and a really fun drawing of bigfoot for a photographer.

BBQ Bear LogoHillbilly Bear for a
BBQ Logo
Cartoon Big Foot LogoBigfoot Photography
Cartoon Logo

Below we have one crazy monkey that was used on an eBay related website and also a cute dog and cat cartoon logo design. These logos were used for companies doing work online. Cartoon animals work well to bring attention to any webpage.

Goofy Monkey LogoFunny Monkey in Jail
Logo Design
Dog & Cat Cartoon Logo
Cute Dog and Cat
Cartoon Design

Cartoon birds are another of our top requested logo characters. Ducks are very popular and this skateboarding mascot is fun and can bring a young audience to its client base. The colorful parrot is perfect for this tropical rental business.

Skateboarding Duck Logo
Cartoon Duck Design
Cartoon Parrot LogoTropical Parrot
Cartoon Logo


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Let us know if we can create a custom cartoon character for you!


ron reichert February 26, 2012 at 8:52 pm

I am building a 47 black dodge pickup. The theme is logs and was wondering if you could design a door decal using the words
I would like a kind of mean looking beaver and I would like it positioned between were th x is. The color of the words needs to be bright orange. Call me 219 406 9238. let me know price for 2 thanks

Curtoons February 27, 2012 at 9:53 pm

Hey Ron, great to hear from you. I’ll send you a quote.

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